About Us

DeltaLift SRL is a private company founded in 2017, with extensive expertise in providing specialized equipment and vehicles. In 2019, our company has become the official agent of Rosenbauer International AG in Romania for the supply of firefighting vehicles. Our mission is to supply high-quality vehicles and equipment supporting civil protection organizations in effectively and confidently responding to emergency situations.

We have 3 lines of business:

DeltaLift Equipment's

Is a provider of earth moving equipment, responsible for the sales and after-sales support of machinery from Venieri Spa. We specialize in offering a comprehensive range of earth moving machinery and service for our customers.

DeltaLift Truck

In charge with design, contracting and aftersales of firefighting and specialized truck bodies.

DeltaLift EIP

Is a provider of protective equipment and accessories for firefighter, responsible for the sales and after-sales support of equipment and accessories from Rosenbauer.

Our team also offers consultancy in project management, design engineering, private & state tender management.

Services DeltaLift

Project Management Services

At DeltaLift, we make every effort to provide our clients with the highest quality project management services. Based on our experience, we have developed a productive and efficient management methodology that enables us to proactively prevent and effectively address any challenges that may arise. We are proudly committed to a client-oriented approach, which validates us as a strong partner among clients, suppliers, contractors, professional consultants, and third parties, such as local authorities.

Business Consultancy Services

At Deltalift, we aim to actively address the daily challenges in the field of specialized vehicle and machinery engineering, focusing on project success.
DeltaLift is the result of more than ten years of extensive engineering experience across a wide range of projects. We meticulously oversee all development phases, acting as a trusted partner for manufacturers, contractors, and local authorities.
From the outset, we ensure that every detail of the project is executed in accordance with the project plan and industry best practices, in a timely and cost-effective manner.


We take pride in our customer service, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our products or services. Whether you are a fire department, a construction company, or a public authority, we are here to help you find the right equipment for your needs.

Projects DeltaLift

Since our establishment, we have successfully managed to implement the following projects:


In 2018, we delivered our first hydraulic cranes in partnership with Automecanica Medias.


In 2019, DeltaLift was granted and completed a project for the delivery of civil protection vehicules together with our partner Venieri SPA.


In 2020, our company has been assigned to deliver Working and Saving Platforms together with our partner, Rosenbauer International AG.

2020 - 2023

Between 2020-2023, DeltaLift implemented a series of projects with delivery of fire protective equipment (helmets, suits, portable pumps) to our end clients (such as airports structures and municipalities).


In 2023, DeltaLift has managed to deliver the first Rosenbauer Panther 6X6 in Romania, to one of our regional partners.

Products DeltaLift

Our company is promoting and deals with the sales and after sales process for all types of fire protective equipment starting from clothing equipment (such as helmets, gloves, jackets, pants) to accessories and tools such as lighting technical solutions, portable pumps, submersible pumps, electrical tools. All that is required for a professional fireman to perform its activity with efficiency and withing the safety rules.

You can find a detailed list of these products on the below webpage with all the necessary technical specifications for each product.

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